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Qidu District:

Situated in the southwest suburbs of Keelung City, Qidu district neighbors on NuanNuan district in the east, Anle district in the north, and Si-Jhih district of New Taipei City in the west and south. The administrative area totals around 5469.5 hectares. Administrative District:
Wudu, Liondu, Qidu, Badu, Gongjian, Sitou, Yourui, Jhangan, Caolan, Mingde, Dahua, Taiwuxian,Jiuzhan, Malinkeng, and Yinggeshi sections.

NuanNuan District:

Located in the south of Keelung City, NuanNuan district borders on Rueifang district in New Taipei City in the east, Qidu in the west, Shih-Fen-Liao in Pingshi district in the south, and Renai district in the north. The administrative area totals about 2,227.5 hectares.
Administrative District:
NuanNuan, Bade, Dingnei, Yuanyuan, Badu, Guogang, and Jinhua sections

Jhongshan District:

Jhongshan district is located in the northwest of Keelung City, neighboring Keelung Inner Harbor in the east, Renai district in the south, the sea in the north. The administrative area totals 698.4 hectares or so. Administrative District:
Jhongshan, Dean, Taiping, Siandong, Deyu, Dade, Ronghua, Rende, and Siehe sections.

Anle District:

The district stands in the northwest of Keelung City, Siding river as a border between Jhongshan district, neighboring Leyi Village of Renai district in the southeast,; Maijin Rd. and Keelung River as borders between Qidu and Nuannuan district. The west boundary is Neiliao Village, bordering on Wanli district in New Taipei City. The administrative area amounts to 2,043.2 hectares. Administrative District:
Yinggeshi, Dawulun, Daitiansfu, Qingrenhu, Siding, Wuling, Anguo, Sincheng, Sinhuei, Guan yin, Sinlun, Maijin, Baoding, Gangkou sections

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