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Table of Organization

1st, 2nd, 3rd Section, Personnel Officer and accountant One director, three section chiefs, one personnel officer, one accountant, 18 staff, 6 surveyors and one clerk, amounting to 31 staff.

There are five departments in Anle Land Office, Keelung City and we provide the following services:

Registration Section:

  • Examination of registration for land and building
  • Collation
  • Issuing documents of all kinds
  • Charge accounting
  • Plan and execution of land administration information
  • Management and maintenance of computer equipment and motor room
  • Operating system for land survey correction and the maintenance and management of data base
  • Management of archive and cadastre depository
  • Services

Survey Section:

  • Land survey correction
  • Site survey correction
  • Examination of change of land category
  • Unregistered land survey
  • Measuring for policy
  • Cadastral map consultation
  • Survey for site base and house numbers
  • Survey entrusted by court
  • Investigation of all units

Land Value Section:

  • Land value dynamics and market value investigation
  • Announced land current value
  • Announced land value
  • Land value index inventory
  • Land value change reporting to revenue service units
  • Benchmark land appraise
  • Count for public facility value
  • Investigation for deduction of land taxation
  • Issuing of land value document
  • Arrangement of land value volume
  • Edition if non-urban land usage
  • General administration
  • Treasurer
  • Document mail
  • Archive management
  • Research and evaluation
  • Seal imprint
  • Actual Selling Price Property Value Reporting

Personnel Officer:

In charge of staff's appointment, dismissal, training, retirement pay and welfare.


In charge of budgeting, final accounts and related accounting affairs.

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