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Applications Reminder:

Application Process

Application Process (flow chart)

Process Instructions:

  1. Fill out applications and pay the charge
  2. Examination of the case: After examination and confirmation of the case, the registration is under way. The case would be rejected if the information required is incomplete. Applicants are informed to supplement, and after the supplement would the examination be again under way. The case should be rejected after the due day.
  3. After registration and confirmation, the document concerned is printed and closed.
  4. Applicants receiving the certificate.

Service Charge :

Service Charge
Charge Categories Registration Fee Note
General Registration 2 of tax according to reported land value or value of rights.
  1. The payment is based on article 65, 67, 76, 78, 79.2 of land law, and article 137 of regulation of the land and document from Ministry of The Interior of Tai 8474190 and Chung 879579 of Ministry of The Interior on June 13th, 2000.
  2. Charge less than 1 dollar is free.
  3. Increase for common guarantees is free of registration fee.
  4. Registration of mortgage is free of registration fee.
Registration of First Building Ownership
Registration  of  Land  Rights  Changes 1 ‰ of tax according to reported land value or value of rights.
Registration of Other Rights over Land
Registration of Changes  in Other Rights over Land 1 ‰ of tax according to the increase of value of rights and the others are free.
Registration of  Replacement and  Supplement of  Certificates
registration of change  in land description Free of charge
Registration of Change for Land Consolidation
Registration of Rectification
Registration of Demolition
Registration of Deletion
Registration of Changes  in Name
Registration of Changes  in Domicile
Registration of Restriction
Title Fees Each title for 80 dollars. According to the Ministry of Interior 86.1.14 in No 8512672 letter proclaimed land law of the revision 67th and book of shape expense, cost Fei Chi 79 two stipulation reads spends the charge standard.

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