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Website Introduction:

This website is constructed based on web accessibility and mainly divided into tree sections:
1. Introduction Links 2 Main Content 3. Confidentiality and Downloads.

The access key in our website:

Alt+L: Introduction links, which has the main links of our website.
Alt+C: Main content, which presents the main content in each website.

Alt+B: Confidentiality and Downloads, which shows privacy and download content.


Anle Land Office, Keelung City
  1. 1.1 About Us
  2. 1.2 Introduction
  3. 1.3 Organization
  4. 1.4 Contact Us
  5. 1.5 Transportation
  6. 1.6 Links to land laws
  7. 1.7 Suggestions and Comments
  8. 1.8 Applications Reminder
  9. 1.9 Website Introduction

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